Secure Credit Application Tool
Take credit apps directly from your web site, by email, or from your showroom with our secure credit application tool. This app has been reviewed for use in all 50 states by our legal team and supports both English and Spanish languages. If you are a credit acceptance dealer, applicant information is automatically posted into CAPS® saving your finance department valuable time. More info here.

Full-Featured Dealer Website
Autoclick gives you an immediate presence on the web with a professional, full featured web site that includes integrated vehicle inventory, credit app, contact form, and video support. Our sites look great, are easy to set up and maintain and do a great job at featuring your dealerships message. Already have a site? Add another one to target a secondary market with Autoclick! More info here.

Lead Manager / CRM
Increasing return customers and first-time sales by as little as 5% can greatly increase your dealership's bottom line. Autoclick's CRM and Lead Manager includes a war chest of tools to help your dealership improve lead tracking and follow-up. This includes scheduling events to track and measure customer contacts, assigning and re-assigning leads to sales staff, email campaigns to active and inactive clients, and much more. More info here.
Additional Features
  • Craigslist Posting Tool
  • Third-Party Data Integration
  • Domain Management
  • Publish Inventory to Online Classifieds
Only $129 per month**
** One-time setup fee applies. Click Sign-up button for details.

Autoclick has been an approved vendor for Credit Acceptance since 2003. We submit over 3,000 credit apps into CAPS® each month for dealers of all sizes throughout the US. All our dealer websites are Credit Acceptance ready and feature the Credit Acceptance Guaranteed Approval model. Give us a call or ask your CAC rep how Autoclick can increase your apps into CAPS® and help you sell more cars.

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  • Secure Credit App.
  • Dealer Web Site.
  • CRM / Lead Manager.

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  ~ Daniel M., Auto Dealer